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Climate-Controlled Wine Storage Complete With State-Of-The-Art Security Features

Proguard Self Storage has a wide variety of different options that make it ideal for all of your Wine Storage needs. Whether you're looking to store a private collection or need a place to keep the wine selection for your restaurant safe and secure at all times, we've got what it takes to meet your needs.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your Houston wine storage solutions is security. At Proguard Self Storage, we provide all clients with a private entrance to the facility that is accessed with multi-layered security systems. No unauthorized individuals will ever be able to access your storage unit at any time, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your wine is safe and sound.

Additionally, Proguard Self Storage provides storage units with individual alarms to help immediately alert both you and the necessary authorities to any dangers that your collection may face. With individually-alarmed storage units, there is an added level of protection to help keep unwanted visitors away from your private reserves.

Storing Your Wine in our Houston Wine Storage Facility

At Proguard Self Storage, we provide a variety of different practical storage solutions that make storing your wine not only easy but hassle-free. Our Houston wine storage units can hold between 21 and 692 cases of wine, depending on the specific needs of your situation. As most wine enthusiasts know, even slight variations in temperature can affect the state of your collection. Keeping your wine at the appropriate temperature is crucial to maintaining a perfect collection. That being said, we also offer precision-controlled climates with redundancies in place to prevent the unit from getting too hot or too cold. A natural gas backup power generator is available, as is motion- sensitive lighting with UV protection.

When you start looking for wine storage solutions, it's important to make sure you choose a facility that can meet your needs. You're storing a wine collection, which requires a certain level of protection that other self storage facilities might not be able to offer. When storing your wine, protecting your investment should always be of the utmost concern. We want you to be able to rest easy knowing that at Proguard Self Storage, protecting your investment is also one of our primary concerns and always will be.