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Wine Storage Units

From private wine storage vaults to rooms for the largest restaurant collections, wine storage in Houston has never been this practical.

  • Individually-alarmed storage units hold from 21 to 692 cases
  • Private entrance to facility accessed with multi-layered security
  • Precision-controlled climate with redundancy
  • Natural gas backup power generator
  • 24/7 security and video surveillance
  • Motion-sensitive lighting with UV protection
  • Oak-finished storage doors and soft lighting for your comfort

Keeping your wine at the right temperature can be a hassle if attempted to do so on your own. There's a fine line between optimal and detrimental conditions for your collection. We've found the perfect conditions and now can offer them to anyone who has Houston wine storage needs. The trick is to keep the products cool, but not too cool. Keeping your wine at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal. Many users find that even with a wine storage unit of their own, the temperature can tend to fluctuate and maintaining the perfect conditions can become near to impossible. Our consistent temperature and humidity can make all the difference for your valued wines. In addition to keeping the proper temperature and humidity, the wine should be kept on its side and stored in a dark area. Leave it to us to ensure your wine is kept just the way it should be, allowing it to age properly and make its maturity as intended.

Our Houston Wine Storage Features

Living in our area, the climate can be a bit aggressive and hard to manipulate, generating a large need for our Houston wine storage services. Luckily, leaving it to the experts can enable you to grow your collection with ease.