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Controlling our wine storage climate

Our meticulously-controlled climate, with complete overrides, keeps Houston Wine Storage temperature and moisture at precise levels in all conditions.

  • Icynene® closed-cell insulation blocks air and moisture
  • Four wine storage refrigeration units keep your collection at a precision-controlled 54-57°F
  • A separate set of humidifiers monitor and maintain the humidity at a relative 58-65%
  • Temperature data is tested and logged every 30 minutes
  • Built-in redundancy prevents sudden climate changes
  • Natural gas backup generator provides uninterrupted power in case of an outage
  • Climate data and history logs are displayed on your online dashboard

Wine Storage Conditions Make or Break a Collection

When dealing with a valuable wine collection, ensuring the proper conditions are met is of the utmost importance. Our wine storage units meet all the proper criteria and will ensure that your valued good are kept in the perfect climate, preventing any premature aging or altering to the state of your wine. Wine should gracefully age and holding it in inadequate conditions can cause deterioration. Trust the professionals and give us a call today!